Business Analytics & Enterprise Software – US

Industry Size

Revenue                       :           $28bn  

Annual Growth             :           3.3% 2009-2014

Expected to Grow         :           4.1% (Average Annually – till 2019)  

Employment                :           36,703 

Businesses                  :           603

Companies in this industry develop and distribute business analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI) and other enterprise-oriented software. Operators may also provide consulting and technical support related to this software. This industry does not include publishers of productivity or database software or manufacturers of computer hardware.

Industry Analysis & Trends
The Business Analytics & Enterprise Software Publishing industry will continue to grow throughout the next five years, as new technologies in business analytics software drive demand. Large and small businesses will look to the industry for software, including customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning applications. Additionally, large companies will acquire smaller competitors to expand their portfolios, and as a result, revenue per establishment will climb.
Adding new products and reaching out to new markets, this industry is in the growth phase of its life cycle. Enterprise software only grows more useful when businesses use information technology (IT) more heavily. Industry growth thus far has been primarily concentrated in software sales to large businesses and organizations with sophisticated IT infrastructure. IT infrastructure, such as database software, is increasingly becoming a business necessity even for small businesses, which will drive growth during the next five years. Industry value added is expected to increase 4.1% on average annually during the 10 years to 2019, higher than the annualized 2.7% GDP growth during the same time period.

Industry Products
·         Statistical analysis software
·         CRM software
·         ERP software
·         SCM software
·         Predictive analysis software
·         Collaboration software
·         Other performance management software
Industry Activities
·         Business intelligence software publishing
·         Business analytics software publishing
·         Enterprise resource planning software publishing
·         Customer relationship management software publishing


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