IT spending in India 2014 - $71.3 Billion

The IT market in India is the third-largest among emerging economies and the fourth-largest among developing and mature Asia/Pacific countries.

IT spending in India is expected to reach $ 71.3 billion in 2014, a 5.9 per cent increase over 2013 forecast - Gartner.

IT services will record the strongest revenue growth at 12.1 per cent, while, software revenue will grow 10 per cent and the telecommunication services segment, that accounts for 42.1 per cent of the Indian ICT market, is expected to grow by two per cent in 2014. 

The telecommunications services market which includes fixed and mobile, data and voice services will continue to be the largest IT segment in India with IT spending forecast to reach $ 30 billion in 2014.

The devices market, which includes mobile phones, PCs, tablets and printers is expected to total $ 23.5 billion in 2014, a 6 per cent increase from 2013.

IT services, on the other hand, will record the fastest growth amongst the various segments, and it is projected to grow 13 per cent to reach $ 11.2 billion in 2014, while software will account for $ 4.1 billion in revenue. 


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